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Unlocking the Power of Partnership

Partner strategy blueprint

Collaboration is at the core of the mission for Partner Ecosystem Development. Building a solid foundation for a Partner Program to thrive helps companies to form new connections, connections with partners who know about your services and products and can help to make solid recommendations to their clients and greater network is key to #nearbound growth. The first step in creating a Partner Program is a deeper understanding of this valuable asset. Is your company ready to launch, refine, or expand your partner program? With 13+ years of industry experience, we help companies evaluate and implement Partner Programs that scale and add long-term value. We help businesses at all stages of their partner strategy to plan, launch, and expand their partner ecosystem strategy. Looking to learn more? Let us help with an evaluation to determine if your business is ready for the next stages in partner development.

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Partner Ecosystem Development: Founder Jennifer Snyder, MBA 🎠

Jennifer Snyder-1024Jennifer has over 15 years of experience working with emerging and leading software technology companies, with an extensive background in marketing, sales, and partner strategy. Being one of the first 20 employees at HubSpot, Jennifer contributed to grow the company from a startup to a publicly traded company (HUBS) with a current valuation of 22.61 billion. Jennifer witnessed the power of creating amazing partnerships, both internally and externally. 

HubSpot’s success is no blip on the radar. Partners play a key role in meeting customer demand, co-marketing, and bringing in new opportunities. We are in the stage of Nearbound strategy, where the path to trust is paved with good connections.

Jennifer received her MBA with a concentration in finance from Endicott University in 2020. She studied at Cork Institute of Technology and at university in England to better understand first hand how businesses succeed in an increasingly global world. Jennifer has also traveled extensively through South America, the Philippines, and Mexico, working with clients globally to make connections that help companies grow better together. Through her many years leading partnership strategy, Jennifer saw just how important a good ecosystem is. Upon completion of her Masters degree, Jennifer helped to launch wellness week, virtual tea, lunch-n-learn and other initiatives to connect people in ways that promote learning and partnership.

 Following her 13-year career at HubSpot helping to build and grow the Partner Program, Jennifer went on to help startups like Axios evaluate, grow, and scale their partner programs. Today Jennifer spends time consulting for companies evaluating, launching, and expanding their partner programs. She is a big believer in #ABL always be learning, and continues to learn, grow, and educate.

Partner Blueprint Packages

Smiling young man shaking hands with an insurance agent or investment adviser as he sits in a meeting with his wife in her office
$ 2500.00 USD

Partner Starter

  • Includes:
    • Ecosystem mapping and analysis.
    • Identification of key potential partners.
    • Initial partnership recommendations.
    • Tech-stack review and recommendations.
Jennifer Snyder-1024

Jennifer Snyder

Business team overlapping hands
$ 4500.00 USD

Partnership Growth


  • Meeting with internal stakeholders
  • Ecosystem exploration and strategic alignment.
  • In-depth partner identification and assessment.
  • Customized partnership roadmap.
  • Partner book evaluation
  • Partner program growth recommendations
  • Evaluation of current partner journey and recommendations
  • Internal Partner resource recommendations


Jennifer Snyder-1024

Jennifer Snyder

Group of business people brainstorming together in the meeting room
$ 7500.00 USD

Ecosystem Accelerator


  • Customized partner blueprint
  • Comprehensive ecosystem analysis and optimization.
  • Extensive partner research and selection, and grading
  • Tailored partnership strategy and execution plan.
  • Template optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Services from the additional blueprint packages as needed.
Jennifer Snyder-1024

Jennifer Snyder

Partner Services

Looking for specialized help with partner development, internal training, or additional partner services? We offer billable hours and are happy to discuss your needs to provide a custom quote. 

Happy to schedule a virtual tea to learn more  🍵.